Brand Focus: Henley Stoves

Henley Druid 14kw Double Sided Stove

At N.E. Stoves, we are proud stockists of Henley Stoves

Henley is Ireland’s leading stove company. They were founded in County Kerry, and now have nearly 30 years of experience in the industry. Henley has distribution centres in Tralee, Dublin, and now in Cambridge too. 

With an extensive range of stoves, fireplaces, BBQ’s, and even spare parts, Henley is a well established brand that we are very pleased to be able to offer to customers here at N.E. Stoves. 

Henley Stoves’ produce incredibly high quality products that go through rigorous quality control before they’re made available to stockists and customers. In fact, each stove goes through a 32-point checklist, examined by two quality control managers, before they are allowed to leave the Henley factory. When you buy a Henley Stove, you know it’s going to be immaculate! 

Henley pride themselves on being able to provide high quality products at affordable prices. They prioritise customers and strive to deliver top class customer service, just like us!

To further their prestige in the stoves industry, Henley are also members of the SIA, which stands for Stove Industry Alliance. This is an association of manufacturers, distributors, testing bodies, and many other parties who are involved in the heating and stoves industry, and are keen to continue improving quality and service. 

Looking ahead, Henley is expanding their range. The brand is developing new products that meet the EcoDesign 2022 European Program. This is an initiative that aims to improve the energy efficiency of products, and help eliminate the poorer performing products from the market. Plus, it aims to support innovation within industries, by promoting products that are better for the environment. 

The Ecodesign stoves from Henley are equipped with the latest technology, making them up to 90% more efficient than open fires. Heat from open fires just travels up and out of the chimney, sometimes even drawing in cool air from outdoors. Ecodesign stoves are up to 80% more efficient than stoves manufactured only 10 years ago, thanks to sufficient airflow and more effective heat distribution around the home.

At N.E. Stoves, we have an extensive choice of Henley Stoves available. We stock some of the eco-ready products too. The Athens 500 Stove is a sleek, modern design that’s efficient and looks stunning in any home. We also offer the Dalewood Landscape Stove, innovatively designed, this is also included in the ecodesign ready range. 

We all so have some incredible bundle deals on offer which include the installation of a Henley Stove. We offer three different packages at varying prices to suit your budget. Each package includes the cost of creating a chimney opening appropriate for fitting either; a Henley Thames 4.5kw Stove, Henley Lincoln 5kw Stove, or Henley Hazelwood 4.9kw Stove. All packages include extras, including your choice of hearth. We have finance plans available for these amazing deals, you can check your eligibility on our website. 

If you’d like any more information about Henley Stoves, or any of the products we stock at N.E. Stoves, please get in touch via: [email protected] or call 01287 651417.

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