Making a Wood Burning Stove a Stylish Centrepiece.

The addition of a wood burning stove to your home not only changes the way you heat your space, it can also be a stylish interior design statement. 

Making your stove the centrepiece of your room can be as simple as choosing a stove that makes a statement on its own, or as complex as designing your entire space to focus on your stove. 

There’s a number of ways to incorporate a wood burner into your home.

Choice of Room 

When you think of a wood burning stove, you tend to imagine it in a communal area of a house. Of course, stoves look great and are certainly practical when placed in common spaces. But have you considered a stove in your bedroom? Or how about the kitchen? 

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, where all the hustle and bustle of life plays out. A stove makes an amazing focal point in a kitchen, and brings even more life into the room. Meal times can feel like a special occasion every night with a gentle fire crackling away by the dining table.

Carron Dante 5kw Cast Iron Stove

The Carron Dante Cast Iron Stove would be an excellent choice for the kitchen. Available in a choice of colours, you can choose whether to blend in with your decor or make a bold statement. 

Decorating Around the Stove 

The way in which you decorate a stove can either allow it to blend into your room, or be a magnificent centrepiece. 

Placing your stove in the corner of your room makes it a real focal point, and is achievable in even the smallest of spaces. Adding comfortable seating in warm colours and tones will make the area cosy and inviting. The cylindrical shape of the Westfire Uniq Stove would make it a stunning choice for placing in a corner.

Westfire Uniq 15 Wood Burning Stove

The addition of a corner fireplace with mantlepiece allows room for ornaments and further decoration. Plus, the choice of material can really change the look; brick offers a more traditional feel whilst using rock creates a more contemporary, modern look. 

The minimal look isn’t for everyone – and there’s plenty of ways to inject some colour and vibrancy around your stove! Coloured tiles can be a really great choice for brightening up your space. If your stove sits in an alcove, tiling the back wall looks really effective. Plus, depending how much you choose to tile, it can look subtle, or bold and bright. 

Make Firewood Storage a Feature 

Your stove is going to need some fuel, and you’re going to need somewhere to store it. There are lots of innovative ways to store firewood and make it a feature in your home. Depending on your space, you could store firewood under a bench, on a stack of shelves, on a dedicated firewood rack, or even on a wall-mounted shelf. 

As the festive season comes around, firewood makes great decorations too. The addition of some simple ribbon, holly, and some strategically placed gifts, gives you a super simple decoration, and it’s practical too!

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