Which Stove is Right for You?

Dean Stoves Dartmoor Baker 8 Wood Burning or Multi-fuel Stove

A stove can be a great addition to your home. It can bring new life to a room, and create a cosy communal area to bring people together, and enjoy the space with family and friends. Here at N.E. Stoves we understand the importance of making the right choice of stove for your home. It’s an investment that has to be right for you! 

At N.E. Stoves we stock four different types of stove; wood burning, gas, multi-fuel, and pellet. To help understand the differences, and decide which is best for you, we’ve put together an overview of the benefits of each type of stove. 

Wood Burning Stoves

A wood burning stove adds an instant cosy feeling to any room. Coming home out of the cold and lighting a fire to warm up in front of is a real simple pleasure. Modern wood burning stoves burn wood very efficiently, and produce very little ash, making them very easy to use and maintain. They’re also better for the environment, as wood is low in carbon. Plus, burning wood that’s been sourced locally helps to manage local woodlands, making them a better environment for wildlife. Burning wood also helps save on heating bills, particularly if you’re currently relying on oil to heat your home. 

Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are incredibly simple to use, they ignite instantly with just a touch of a button. They’re easy to install as they don’t require a chimney or flue and can be ready for you to use much more quickly than other types of stove. Gas stoves also produce minimal mess, with no wood to burn there’s no ash and amber to keep on top of. Energy efficiency is another bonus of a gas stove, glass fronted stoves build up heat quickly so you can heat your home in a cost effective way. 

Multi-fuel Stoves

As the name suggests, multi-fuel stoves allow you to produce heat using wood, smokeless fuels and also eco-friendly solid fuels that are approved for use in smoke controlled areas. This type of stove is also easy to keep clean, with a built in pan that collects ash and debris, allowing it to be removed easily and safely, and keeps the stove working properly. Multi-fuel stoves don’t rely on an external power source, so if for any reason you find yourself without power, you can still burn wood logs without need for electricity. As with most stoves, multi-fuel stoves will reduce your energy consumption and are cheap to run, and with their durable nature, it will be saving you money for many years to come. 

Pellet Stoves 

The pellets used in this kind of stove are made of sawdust and scrap pieces of wood, meaning it’s putting materials that otherwise would’ve been wasted to good use. They produce minimal smoke and ash and are far less harsh on the environment than fossil fuels. Pellet stoves are easily installed in homes with existing chimney or flue system, and even smaller models can be enough to heat a whole room. Pellet stoves are modern and stylish and provide a similar look to a wood burning stove, without the need for cutting your own wood. They are a great looking addition to any room. 

If you have any questions, or to find out more about any of these different kinds of stove, call: 01287 651417 or email: [email protected].

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