Which Stove is for me?

Astwood 5kW

Any stove is a wonderful addition to your home (of course we think so!). Not only do they provide you with countless years of reliable service, make an amazing focal point in any room and provide a sustainable and welcomed warmth on those cold winter days here in the North East.

However, we think it’s essential that you get the right advice from our team, allowing you to make the right decision when buying a stove for your home. After all is a pretty permanent fixture, which comes at a cost. We want to make sure we help you pick a stove you will truly love and be satisfied with for years to come.

So where do you start…

Required Heat Output

When you pick a stove, whether it be a wood burning or multi-fuel stove you should ensure you know the required output of heat to suit your room, a stove to small with fail to heat a room (rendering it not overly efficient) and picking a stove too big will overheat a room. Neither scenarios are ideal!

Required heat outputs can vary significantly, however we have provided a guideline below using a loose formula.

As a rule of thumb in order to make a room 21ºc when it’s 1ºc outside, you are going to need 1kw of heat output for every 14 cubic metres of space.

Room Size – Medium Lounge (W18ft x H7ft x L12ft)

New Build – 2k

Uninsulated – 4.4kw

Room Size – Large Lounge (W25ft x H8ft x L20ft)

New Build – 3.8k

Uninsulated – 11.6kw

Wood Burning or Multi-Fuel

Usually the term ‘wood burning stove’ makes this everyones favourite search term, you may want to take some time to consider a multi-fuel stove as an alternative.

A multi-fuel stove comes with a grate which you burn the fuel on, allowing an inlet of air to enter the space below. This enables you to burn both wood and coal (hence the term multi-fuel). Whereas a wood burning stove only allow for the burning of wood (Obviously)

Are You In A Smoke Controlled Zone?

Have you looked into your location? Be sure to check if you are located in a smoke controlled zone. Don’t worry if you are, you can always install a DEFRA exempt stove or be sure to burn smokeless materials such as anthracite with a multi-fuel stove.

You can find more information about smokeless areas and check HERE

Building Regulations

All installations of stoves have to meet UK Building Regulations. These regulations enforce the considerations of factors such as the size of the hearth, the distance of the install to combustibles and more.

Our team will be sure to go over any regulations and concerns during the initial site survey undertaken before any installation. Ensuring that putting a stove in your home is a safe and viable option.





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